The Crime Convention

Cluck gobble, cluck chuck gobble

all that pluck and buck and wobble

all the birdlings’ flight and squabble

come on down to Malvern hovel.

Malvern farmyard–chicken barnyard

holds convention in the scarred yard.

Craters, cages, all the discard

fill the full convention courtyard.

Clucky Kleister, great foul shyster,

grand emcee and pooba meister

clucks for silence. Even Byster

stops his strutting, fears the Feister.

Wearing pinstripe like a king type

Klesiter smokes his mobster peep pipe.

Chicken gansters silent (hip-hype)

here to hear the Boss-Man’s grief gripe.

There along his beak so slightly

runs a scar to mar the sightly

visage, as his fowl-face tightly

peers about and nods politely.

So convenes the fowl convention

all the birds in rapt attention

hear the Boss Man’s grave intention:

Chicken crime–the great ascention.

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