The Glasses

When man first came to be

and watched from out the windows of his eyes

the shifting world about

he saw the shine of sunlight on the waves

and perceived, invisible,

the rushing brush that bowed the trees,

he knew the richness of his world

and loved it.

When man first turned his mind

to make the worlds his eyes could not behold

and lived within

the gilded glare of bright fluorescent dreams

and passed, insensible,

the birds and rush of grass outside his doors,

he missed the wonders of his world

and loved it.

When Man first lived the life

the eyes of men had never yet beheld

and shifted all the world about

and shined the light of love and death and life

then we perceived, now sensible,

the deeper light that filled the earth around.

And opening up a door upon the world

we loved it.


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