My Only Song

My song is broken, 

shattered by the screams, 

the knife-like voices of life,

throbbing in my ears. 

I bend down, bewildered, 

to pick the notes up off the floor, 

but the heavy pieces will not budge.

My hands weren’t made for this.

I remember Your voice,

how it softens the screams

into minor chords 

that hold our song together. 

I listen for You.

But Your voice is lost 

in all the screams. 

Are You screaming at me too? 

But I didn’t think that You could scream.

Your voice is gentle and strong, 

beautiful as music—

the only voice that heals. 

I try to sing—

I remember that You love to hear me.

But my voice is hoarse,

and I cannot find the notes.

You were the One who always led. 

You sang first, deep and sweet,

and I would follow.

Without You, how can I sing? 

I know this din has its purpose,

engineered by Your master hand 

to make the final song more glorious, 

but what if it only drowns You out?

My soul is broken, 

shredded by the knife-like voices of life, 

screeching through me. 

There are no quiet places here. 

Oh, to catch the sound of Your Words again,

not in heavy drumbeats of judgment,

but in gentle melodies of grace, 

waking my heart to sing! 

But I am lost 

in the deafening noise of life.

And I cannot hear you, 

and I cannot sing.

Shepherd of Your sheep,

I know Your voice is there.

I know Your song will find me. 

I know Your words will lead me home. 

I feel the screams of life, 

the daggers in my ears, 

the blows that pierce my soul

to drain my heart. 

Still, I listen for You 

for I cannot sing alone, 

waiting for Your music

for You are my only song.






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