And It Was So

Come in parts before the world would arm

and hear the music swelling in the breeze

the first in form and substance of the plans

of heav’nly wisdom. And like the breath that swept,

omnipotent in touch, across the field

unknown and still unknowingly at dawn

the earth in satured palates rose anon.

And there, made wide, the terraces and seas

bore pointed mountains reaching past the trees

and mounds of smaller brothers in the weeds

where mice and moles made bed amid the rush

of golden grass and gentle moss and reeds;

while crows with grackles flapped above the streams

of tuft and turf and flowered stems and bees.

As soon as birth the loosed waves resumed

the never practiced, never-ending sport

of splash and splutter hurled against the shore.

And endless miles of tons of salt from spray

perfumed the air with brackish brine and sand.

And down below the monsters of the sea

made twisting flips in water-spouts of glee.

High above, suspended on a word

a flaming ball of fire in the sky

that seemed to share a canvas with the clouds

looked down and brightly showered all around

the droplets of its transcendental dew,

till flaming up in atmospheric hue

it slipped like liquid amber far from view.

So peacefully the new perfected earth

attending concert with the cricket themes

lies down at night upon its outspread greens

while spangled dots of silver from on high

watch the virgin life begin its sleep.

And there amidst the foliage and sheep

a man and woman rest and dream—of fruit.

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