To You I Lift My Voice

Yahweh, my joy,

To You I lift my voice.

To You who know the heart of man.

To You who formed the hands and eyes

and wrote the skill

with which men use the two.

I feel my heaviness, Oh Lord,

the tear-jerked sob of uselessness.

I cannot run, I cannot walk

I cannot sing, I cannot talk

as other people can.

I feel the deepening groan inside

that other people make

when they must talk to me.

I feel the lumbering, bumbling block;

my hoarse and nasal voice

 awkward, zealous gestures

lack of clear command

And yet You made me, Lord.

And nothing that Your hand has formed is wrong.

Your mercy reaches to the heavens.

It comes down from the sky with the rain.

It waters the fields and trees,

even the weeds and thorns

in Your abundant goodness.

All that has life is in Your life maintained.

And in Your life, is glimpsed Your goodness, God.

Let me see, let me believe!

Oh may I grasp and hold

the hand my God extends to me.

Yahweh my joy

 to You I lift my voice

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