Go Away

stop holding out your hand

you just embarrass both of us

i don’t want to know i care

go talk to someone else

i’m going to my room now

go away

stop coming in my room!

the creaking floor-boards make me sad

you’re gonna hurt yourself

please leave my room.

go away

stop saying that again!

you say it all the time.

i know, i love you. go away

say it to someone who…hears

i’m locking my door now

go away

stop, stop standing at the door!

you never go away

yes, but i don’t think i care,

i don’t love anyone—or you

i’m lying on my bed now:

good night.

i can’t let You in the room.

my breath is choking on my tears.

It hurts too much to think.

no, stop. You’ll hurt Yourself.

Don’t bend down, I don’t deserve…

Never. Never go away.

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