Martin Luther Stands

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Echoed through the streets and houses

hammer strokes descend on wood.

People, children, milled about him

buying, running, all unknowing

there on steps of long tradition,

bowing head in firm conviction,

challenging the church united,

Martin Luther stood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Echoed through the nave and rafters

spreading fast throughout the land.

Priests distracted from their chanting,

bell boys pause their labors, panting,

hear the distant drumbeats pounding

certain warfare now advancing—

challenge of the Word unfettered,

Martin Luther’s stand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Cracked like thunder through the hallway

of this house built on the sand.

Priests and people strain to hear him

standing in the room before them.

“Conscience captive to the scriptures

unconcerned with Papal strictures

bound to truth no man dare alter:

Word of God that cannot falter.

Here. I take my stand.”



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