We’re layered, Lord, before Your face

like bolts of cloth in folds of darker

and of lighter shades.

The sun bright side that people see

and shake their head in wonderment

at the shining, sun-flecked layers,

made of light without a trace of shade.

We’re layered, Lord, before Your face,

in bolts of unseen shadow darkness—

rooms behind the shades.

The inner recesses we see

and breathe quick prayers in earnestment

that no one else would see these folds—

bereft of light and covered up in shade.

We’re layered, Lord; Your sovereign face

has known our every shade— for day

and night are like to You.

You joy our light, You mourn our shade,

and lay us out in faithfulment

that everyone may see the folds,

before Your light, made brighter every day.

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