Evening Drive: Tennessee Edition

I like to take the long way home,
The road that strays among the hills
And wanders in and out among the trees.
I like to feel that southern breeze.
Its gentle touch and simple thrills
Invite my car and me to roam.
The sunlight scatters through the air
To settle on the maple limbs
And rest in puddles on the ground.
I love the leaves that run, the sound
Of crispy footfalls chasing whims
Beyond the lane without a care.
I pass the barn with peeling paint
And dawdling cows in golden grass.
I watch forgotten hay fields sway
To songs that only wanderers play
On strings untouched by sounding brass,
That glorious music, strong and faint.
The sunset magic sweeps the ground
And I could almost reach beyond
And take forever by the hand,
So distant now, the falling sand.
Eternity and I, the bond,
We share: We love the long way ‘round.

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