The Unmapped Ways


I loved the little, stone-paved road

That wound beneath the aspen trees

And stepped across the stream that flows

Where daisies dance and brush the breeze.

I prayed and dreamed the soul-craved road.

You stepped away into the grass

And offered me Your wounded hands,

And what choice did I have? I chose

To follow You to wild lands

Good navigators know to pass.

We climbed the rocks that no one sees,

Alone with cliffs on every side.

No aspen-shaded roads in sight,

Not any roads at all. I cried

while others took the roads they please.

The wind and snow came suddenly.

They wrapped me in their freezing ache

And hid the world away in white.

I feared the storm would forever take

The chance of aspen roads from me.

But then I felt Your hand in mine,

Surprising warmth, flown to my heart–

The strength of Someone wise and kind,

Who knows the world without a chart

And leads His own with skill Divine.

The snow has stopped. My eyes, I raise

And gasp at sights no road could own–

The Snow-swept peaks beneath the stars,

The beauty I would not have known–

Learning to love Your unmapped ways.

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