Mocking Grace

by Holli Gibbs

Are those tears on Your face?

I can’t imagine why.

You think I’m mocking Your grace?

True, my thoughts aren’t often praise

But doing right—I try!

So why the tears on Your face?

A favorite thought, a treasured place,

A wishful sigh

Hardly mock Your grace.

True, I don’t pray as much these days,

But at least I haven’t told a lie.

Still there are tears on Your face.

Maybe I have a misplaced gaze?

Maybe a good thing set too high?

I guess that could mock Your grace.

It has been a while since I smiled at Your ways,

Since they made me so happy I could cry–

I’m guessing that explains the tears on Your face.

Truth is, I have raised other things to Your place,

Made them the sun of my sky,

And, yes, this does mock Your grace.

How could I forget Your kind embrace

That only Jesus’ blood could buy?

Now the tears run down my face

Because my sin mocks Your grace.

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