O earth—friend—how nice you look today— your soft, pink blankets spread across the sky, inviting with the gentle touch of dawn. Your brown and rusted leaves you flag-like fly, a kindred spirit calling me to stay.   Do you know how much I want to stay?   My whole heart withers as I step away— […]

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The earth is stretched around its corners—tight, a spheric ship that travels through the seas of stars and roiling nova bursts that freeze or burn the thinning air around them, bright. And yet it journeys on, ship-shape and right with all precarious cargo: like the trees, and every crawl crustacean in the seas that hurtle […]

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International Sestina

AFRICA Broad, baked wind plains, immense grass sprawl. Umbrella Thornes spreading shade, branches wide. Speed slaked cheetahs lick their spots beneath the tree, spying on gazelles grazing fearlessly in open light. Lazy sleep heat shimmers far like cooling waves before the leopard’s padded paws return, bringing night. EUROPE Rain drums on car roofs, wetting night. […]

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