Zuru Kah

Traditional folk song of the indigenous peoples of Melenoria, sung in the Èthanshwogg dialect Wylu, cocka shlimby, fwy? Shlimbu nogga swimbry vly! Kalu-ziki ruzuvah, Ishdu bliki zuru kah. Myluzenri shubu tekka shlien! Lazuka mani ishubizelien! . English Translation: Crazy one, you brag gleefully, eh? Happy head, making mud!* From out my heart a war cry, […]

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Booflang (the poem)

Why is this poem here? you might ask. Well I’ll have you know that it is here because, because…okay that’s hard to answer. Basically it’s random and I wanted to publish it. I figure  Dr. Seuss gets to do it. And Ogden Nash (and if we’re being honest, e. e. cummings, like, all the time). […]

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The Uglumph

  Make ready the fortress! Gather your guns! Stockpile your food And the cinnamon buns! Collect all the bedding And fine sleeping bags. Do not forget “Get-out-of-jail -free” tags. ‘Cause the Uglumph is comin’. He’s comin’ around. He’s gonna shake up Those who are not profound. He’ll drink up their Pepsi. He’ll gobble the cheese, […]

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