Awake and Sing

Awake, oh heart, and sing for whatever today may bring is a dear and precious thing from the hand of our God— the wonders we couldn’t have dreamt of or the solemn grief-proofs of love descend alike from above— so sing! And the foe will be hushed. .

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Being Different

I never really know why I am here…again. The things that set it off—a sharp report That starts the pistons of my mind chugga cha chugga cha chugga that pound away at who I am and leave a bare exposed—like sand after all the shells are washed Away – It goes to center—deep inside the […]

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The drizzling raindrops seem to say that all the things we love will not dissolve in sorrow. – That when the master made the watch he wound it tight…and stayed, refreshing each tomorrow.

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The Thunder of Reform

We see our fathers standing strong, the granite pillars of the church, who drove the nails into the door, who boldly drew the word and preached like thunder from a stormy sky. – We look around and mourn our loss— for “godly men have ceased to be,” and so we venerate the past and make […]

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A Time to Mourn

When heaven takes a soul from us and leaves the body cold and still, the balm of truth may calm the mind, but cannot cure the heart of pain for at the tomb of Lazarus where he would rise, creation bowed to Providence, but Jesus wept.

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Why We Pray

We do not pray because our God may fail to halt or change some great disaster grim. Nor yet because by long beseeching Him our words win out and our great faith prevail. We do not seek more prayers to tip the scale of heavenly action to our earthly whim, or nudge a grudging God […]

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He Sits Enthroned

He does not sit enthroned on hardened steel, or curve His face in frowns of stern despite. His hand is never glibly raised to smite nor quick His wrath to make His subjects reel. He never sovereigns what He cannot seal or captains darkness that He cannot light. His mercies never falter in the night, […]

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