Sonnet VI

  The gift of love may dress in many ways: Ofttimes in soft and cozy cotton, bought By fate–a family’s love that wraps and stays, As warm to any who had been their lot; Ofttimes in denim chosen by a friend To walk and talk where weeping willows sigh Or laugh together till the daylight’s […]

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Sonnet V

How patiently He waited for the hour To give the perfect token of His love, The pardon for our guilt, enliv’ning pow’r, By perfect wisdom wrought from heights above. In time the Son was born as man to dwell— The sinless One—beneath our own sin’s curse. He knew our pain and sorrow, felt it well, […]

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Beneath the Glass

This poem is for my mom—an intelligent, fun, beautiful woman who could have done anything she wanted. But she chose to be Mom to my five siblings and me, not just in her free time, but 24/7. The gift of growing up with her is one that I will treasure forever. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! […]

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Sonnet II

In glory far beyond all earthly thought, He sat enthroned in timeless majesty- The Father, Son, and Spirit—one—with naught To mar the perfect Love’s infinity. Was Heaven’s beauty not enough a home? Or flawless love, an empty well to Him? Did some privation drive His heart to roam? Must love, though true, still fade a […]

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A Gift for the King

He’s coming? Oh, dear! Search the pantry– a little bit of rice, a few cans of beans, all out of spice, the fridge almost empty– He cannot come here. Still coming? Oh, dear! Check that closet there– a frumpy, grey dress, a pair of old jeans, hair all a mess, no jewelry to wear– He […]

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The all-night wait for sunshine’s face, The shade that softens blinding light, A voice like music, eyes like havens, Mirror of each one’s delight, A king who takes the servants’ place. The architect of welcome words, The labor for a loved one’s fate, A prayer of peace exchanged for hurt, All wrongs washed off the […]

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