The Sphere

A sphere of black the earth around and daily year by night more dark with grime and smudge becomes as spreads the ancient blight of sin’s deluding reverie and people bound. – It breaks like new, the hope-full old that here and born tonight: that flash of glow, the light to come an ancient spark […]

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My Glass House

I walked my walk up to a house of glass and up the crystal stairs that gleamed and shined with sun. I walked up to a house that was my life, and hardly knew what I had done. – The walls were mirrored: reflecting, liquid worlds, that whirled around their world: my presence at their […]

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I’ve seen the sky break free to run, letting down a billion feet to race like school boys through the grass and plunk their footprints on my glass. Enchanted by the winsome beat, I could not miss the hiding sun.

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Through a Glass (Very) Darkly

The child’s eyes are staring at the fish swimming ‘round in little endless rings. Each time around the Beta tail will swish: the fish inside is pondering on things. He wonders why he cannot swim at all beyond the fish tank’s curve. He deeply sighs. His little head just plunks into the wall. He thinks […]

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