Thanksgiving: Friends

Father, thank You for friends— the lamp light on the dark road home that gilds the rocks before our feet and shines—seen or unseen— however far across the earth we roam, still burning past the line where darkness ends.                

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When Friendships Die

When friendships die, we bury them. We carry them gently to the valley and lay them in the dirt. We raise a memorial stone and groan as daylight fades and we leave the grave alone. But we come back now and then to track again the happy days on ways that will not cross again, […]

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A Good Conversation

The softened light that spills into the air, The scent of coffee rising from your cup Will fade away as we unlock our minds To roam together in the air between— Invisible until our thoughts emerge Like building stones upon each other laid. We watch the walls jump up to greet the sky. We run […]

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Sonnet VI

  The gift of love may dress in many ways: Ofttimes in soft and cozy cotton, bought By fate–a family’s love that wraps and stays, As warm to any who had been their lot; Ofttimes in denim chosen by a friend To walk and talk where weeping willows sigh Or laugh together till the daylight’s […]

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