I Reach for Grace

I reach for grace like stretching for a cup of water in the heat that seems too far away. – My fingers seem at best to scratch the back of worn and weathered hands that hold the drink I crave – My mind. Practical. like sluffing off a test I know I cannot ace. Should […]

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Once I saw a picture of a man down, his blood pooling on the street while the swarming EMTs took forks and knives to him instead of gauze, butchering a life they could have saved—   Oh God, forgive me . . .   it was a mirror.   

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Darkness falls, The cloak of evil claiming all the world. The One to save us from our sins, Our highest hope’s become our deepest loss. We put our one Light out upon a cross, And all is darkness now. ___ Cold and dark The death-cave where we lay our only Light, Nothing but a shadow […]

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A Pantoum

I thought that I was finished—I was wrong. A Headache night, a little sleep, a hurried day. Classes never ended, a week that lasted long— Waiting eagerly to eat and drink and play. A headache night, a little sleep, a hurried day Became my accepted practice all the time. Waiting eagerly to eat and drink […]

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