The Shepherds’ Watch

The sky looms dark–and deeply dark as here beneath we sit– blots of shadow wrapped in night and only lighting when we rise and walk to see the flame. – The sheep will go where I will go and follow comically, brushing up against my leg, trusting that I know the way to lead them […]

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Campfire Stories

Here the moon glows like coals high above the spiral sparks and teasing warm of ember gems buried at the bottom of the flame. – It makes us deep, contemplative or just flushed and slap-happy and sometimes gives us both at once so we sit round and, eager, tell our tales – Things that are, […]

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He Restores My Soul

Like a fortress, rock strong, after long days of war, like the glow of the fire warming feet on the floor, like a hot cup of tea after cold and the rain, like the silence of night after day’s noisy strain— He refreshes my soul when at last we’re alone, and I can’t help but […]

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Orange Flames and Firewood

Shadows stretch across the stone to grasp the crisscrossed spears and rounded shield. A nearby fire, fighting back the dark, and glistening on the spear tips’ hardened steel casts its glow upon a wizened man. He sits beside his grandson, gazing at the flame. The boy is playing with a map. “The Empire of Assyria,” […]

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The Party

  Beating hearts shining eyes opened ceilinged car. – Speed! Jacked and ripped and wid’ning speed – And noise and friends and legs and hands and hair. – Need. Frantic pulsing pushing pulling need – Raw desire for jokes and s’mores and Red. Hot. Fire. – And wood. Burning, snapping, cracking wood. Then heat, – […]

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Ballad of the Parakeets

  A burst of thunder shook the house As lightning pierced the night. Then Johnson looked around and saw No human ones in sight. He moved with stealthy, padded steps Across the room, unseen. While wind howled noisily outside, He stopped and scanned the scene— One candle on the window sill, One curtain swinging free, […]

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