Zuru Kah

Traditional folk song of the indigenous peoples of Melenoria, sung in the Èthanshwogg dialect Wylu, cocka shlimby, fwy? Shlimbu nogga swimbry vly! Kalu-ziki ruzuvah, Ishdu bliki zuru kah. Myluzenri shubu tekka shlien! Lazuka mani ishubizelien! . English Translation: Crazy one, you brag gleefully, eh? Happy head, making mud!* From out my heart a war cry, […]

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Unfinished Business

This story segment comes from another website I help to run: Light in a Glass. It allows different writers to create characters, and every month the story is passed on to someone new. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys spur-of-the- moment fiction, this could become a favorite website. The excerpt below is from […]

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Variable Part 2–Picking a Name

The world seemed unusually cheerful that mid-afternoon with the strong smell of freshly cut grass and the warmth of sunshine on skin. A smile crept across the woman’s face, and her eyes fluttered open. Above her the puffy, white clouds drifted in the sky—free. Just like her. She laughed—a sudden, care-free laugh. It felt good to […]

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The Ilakoman Vale

  Beware the Ilakoman Vale. There’s something in the waters there— As sweet as honey, strong as ale— That clasps our souls, enchanted there. Beware the Ilakoman Vale. Beneath Beluren’s crowning peak In fields where wilder-poppies grow, They say one hears the valley speak just where the ancient waters flow— Beneath Beluren’s crowning peak. Come […]

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Nameless Here Chapter 1

“Paddle harder!” Cooper and I knelt in the small motorboat and plunged our paddles into the surging water again and pulled. “It’s not working!” I yelled. I glanced back at Alivia who sat clinging with one hand to the boat’s frame while frantically trying to restart the engine with the other. Behind her, a churning black cloud swallowed the sky […]

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Fairy Tale Chapter 3

“You ready?” Amelia asked, watching herself in the mirror as she secured the diamond necklace around her neck and re-positioned her curls. Elizabeth muttered a “yes,” but remained sitting cross-legged on her bed, glaring off into space. Amelia turned toward her sister and saw for the first time that she was still wearing her t-shirt […]

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Fairy Tale Chapter 2

The still night was filled with the sound of creepy violins and a tingling triangle. Voices chanted in the background. The witch stepped forward like she was about to perform for an audience. Oh! But my revenge is sweet– Look at the little dears, Puzzled and distressed to meet The ending of their years!  “Wha […]

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