This Unworthy Hand

‘Twas mine own hand that signed the sin and wrote rebellion firm; and etched my ink upon the sheet of parchment in my pain— words that still reverberate deep inside my soul and make me bow my head in shame. – But once I knew the water-lands of bliss the English morning downs, and curtain […]

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When doubt feigns discernment, he dons his holy robes and steps into your path, politely urging you to reconsider things. And if you don’t catch him, he’ll debate forever the validity of the road you think to take while you forget to walk at all.

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Castles on the Shore

We built our castles by the shore by foamy surf and shell-crushed sand, our ears resounding with the roar of water crashing into land. — By foamy surf and shell-crushed sand we formed the ramparts, built the wall, The water crashing into land reminding us to make it tall. — We formed the ramparts, built […]

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