Once, Christ Jesus broke

the darkness of the sky

and set the world ablaze—

torches multiplying fast,

spread out into the night.


When did the light go out?


The night winds must have blown,

like stalking, stealthy lies,

and slipped through cracks of doors

to take each candle’s glow,

one by one by one


until the light was gone.


The shadows took the world—

the churches, dim and dank,

the priestly robes, stained black,

all hope, the dirty rags

of man-made righteousness—


all worthless reverence.


Through dark cathedral halls

the hollow clang of coins

confessed the crimes to God—

the purchase of  an empire

with the souls of common men


who never found the light.


Darkness tried to hold

its grip upon the world,

dowsing every flame

appearing, but forgot—

the wildest powers of night


 cannot stop the light.









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