Copernicus Poternicus

People: Copernicus Poternicus,

how come you deserted us? 

We thought you would return with us

from the megalopolis. 


Copernicus: I could have predicted this confusion

by contradicting your conclusion,

but you inflicted a contusion 

on my delicate constitution.

Ay, ay, ay!  My cardiac! My tympanum!

My scholastic, core curriculum!

My endoplasmic (poor) reticulum!

And that is but the minimum. 

It is NOT my converter, catalytic

or my contemplator, analytic.

These are catastrophes, cataclysmic 

that you have the impertinence to mimic!

Myocardial infarction and capillary collapse! 

Aortic and systemic coronary relapse! 

Cranial infection! Transitory synapse! 

Perfunctory extinction by high calorie cheese snacks! 

No comprenden? I’ll pontificate!

Accentuate, punctuate, and positively indicate. 

My perfect day, you complicate,

My sanity, enpixellate!

Oh my cardiac discomfort!

When it starts to whack, oh the hurt!

Oh my calico, my cardigan, my shirt!

In New Mexico, the bargain bin, and then the dirt. 

Carrie took MY cardigan!

Took it from my cart again! 

Carried it to Carl and then

asked me for my card and pin! 

Clearly, an ethical calamity!

A crime of ethnic familiarity!

And you, not incognizant, but with clarity,

Continue in antithetical hilarity. 

Go back home to your cats and your cattle! 

To the boiling kettle and the toilsome prattle!

Put the reigns in your hands and your horse in the saddle!

And ride far away! Go on now! Skedaddle!


People: Copernicus Poternicus!

Will you never hear from us?

We would never scorn you thus. 

It seems you have mistaken us.

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