Sunset Meditations

Soft and hazy light

tinting the air with gold—

the sweetest moments of the day

like a tapestry unrolled

 across the sky tonight.


The sun is saying goodbye—

a warm wash of rose gold

above the mountains,

enchanting to behold,

and yet I want to cry.


The sunset fills my eyes,

but the air is cold on my skin—

and the view that used to fill my heart

may never touch again,

however warm the skies.


Soon the night will rise—

the darkness forms behind me,

and already my heart shivers

although the sun beams warmly.

I am not very wise.


I want to catch the gold-like air,

holding it in my hand

to breathe from forever,

to lock it where we stand,

kept like a picture there.


But who can hold the sunlight

captive in our fingers?

Like water in our hands,

no sunset ever lingers,

but slips irretrievably from sight.


Oh, to walk in meadows

set to music by sunshine

and never feel the hand of time

pulling away from mine

with the ever-growing shadows!


But this is the way of the sun,

charted by God’s mind,

to shine most beautifully

before it leaves behind

the hearts that it has won.


Do not dread the night,

but breathe the golden air

deeply before it goes,

taking heart for you are heir

to the Lamb’s eternal Light.





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