A Psalm for Rescue From my Sin


Help me O Lord, for my soul shrinks away,

my flesh is consumed with groaning.

My body groans as an old man,

my spirt, like a grieving mother.

For round and round my thoughts have gone

and never find a rock on which to rest,

leaves that float, then dip and never touch the ground.

My mouth proclaims Your word O Lord,

my spirit gives assent to all Your truth.

I sing the songs of Your assembled Saints.

With joy, I pray them all within my heart,

and bow my spirit to believe Your ways.

And yet my flesh is full of deep dismay,

my spirit schemes and doubts.

My mind is set to search out other hopes.

How quick I am to turn from all your love

and long for dust and sin instead of grace!

I seek my life

I find my death.

I bow myself to chains.

Yet you, O Lord are seated in the heights,

and You survey the thoughts of man

and test his every way.

O look upon my heart!

See my hatred of the sin I scheme.

Hear my Lord, my cry of grief.

Do not withhold Your grace from Me.

Grant to me the knowledge of my sins.

Kill in me my deadly love for lies.

I seek a sacrifice that I can never make

I priest who sits and offers there for me

the blood that makes me whole.

I turn from sin O Lord.

I kiss the Son.

I plead the blood.

Save me O my God.

For the sake of Your holy One.

Cleanse me from my sin.


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