Our Emmanuel

One word, God spoke, and light blazed forth—

The day and night beginning.

With words He spread the farthest stars

And set the earth to spinning.

With words He brought to life the beasts

Of earth and sky and sea.

But with His hands He shaped the souls

Of first humanity.



Adore the Lord who reigns on high

Yet joys with man to dwell,

To be for now and evermore

Our God, Emmanuel.


One bite, man took and darkness fell

Across all God’s design.

Where God had walked with man before,

Mankind could only hide.

Yet in the ruins of His world,

The Lord laid out His plan

To save His people from their sins

And dwell with us again.


Into our broken world He came,

And dwelt as man with us—

Almighty God who formed the world,

Now cloaked in robes of dust.

He lived His perfect righteousness

Yet bore God’s wrath for sin

That we might be made guiltless—free

To love and live with Him!


When He returned to heav’n above,

He left His Spirit here

To dwell within our hearts by faith

And grace our lives with cheer.

Through every joy and every pain,

We never go alone:

The God who dwells in highest heav’n

Has made our hearts His Home!


One day the final page will turn,

God’s story at its end.

Our broken world will pass away,

And we will see our Friend.

And He will wipe our tears away,

And we will shout His praise—

The God who chose to dwell with us,

Our God through endless days!

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