Talking Star Wars

It is a curious business talking to a Star Wars fan when you do not care for the movies. Conversations nearly always go the same way. “I have to admit, I think the films are overrated.” “What?!” Moment of utter astonishment and confusion. Finally, after blowing several brain cells, the Star Wars fan will arrive […]

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For the Would-Be Novelist

(in hopes that he would finish his novel that I would really, really, REALLY like to read) 🙂 If all the stories ever told could fly, they’d rise like dazzling dragons through the air to breathe their flames like colors everywhere and make a moving canvas of the sky. We’d catch them one by one […]

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Thoughts on Writing Poetry

Writing is about communication. Yes, poetry is art (or should be). Yes, poetry emotionally expresses the things that prose cannot (theoretically). Yes, poetry is allowed and encouraged to be ambiguous. But first and foremost, poetry should adhere to the central rule of all good writing. It must communicate. If your poetry is esoteric and gorgeous […]

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