Wonder of the Rain

Just look at the enchanting rain! Falling like a silver veil. I wonder at the people who complain at so beautiful a thing.   They push back curtains and only see de-styled hair and wrecks of plans—as if the earth were meant to be the steward of our whims.   Of course, the conscientious ranks […]

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Glory of a Little Life

  Is it a little life?  hidden quietly away? lost between the mountains?   Like a book that someone dropped?  laughing and talking? and then forgot to miss?   Do the pages feel old? like dull sentences re-written? on page after page after page?   The world is loud and wild and flashing with triumphs. […]

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Sonnet I

The earth’s bright glories fade to dark. Beyond— The greater view that daytime never saw: Tonight the drapes of heaven are pulled back To hush the lowly world in speechless awe. ‘Mid bowing grass and silent trees I pause, And cannot help but lift my eyes and gaze Across the endless miles of darkened space […]

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