Waiting in the Dark

Who can know the purpose of the King, or probe His mind to hear His hidden ways? Who can tell the reason for their days, the sighs or joys their earthly song will sing? They come in anguished sorrow oft to ring their pleas and prayers before the throne and gaze steadfastly waiting, ready for […]

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Wait for the Morning

He always rises like the sun after night— after the hours, played like years, the coldness, hurting and hardening, the darkness, stealing the light like dementia. Do not let the fiercest night take you for God will rise to blaze above the frosted hills and scatter magic across the diamond grass.

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Sun and Rain

They prayed it would not rain, And my heart began to cry Like the soulless desert’s sigh That thirsts for drink in vain. The cloudless, azure sky Of brilliant, sun-crowned days, The easy, thoughtless praise, Where grassy meadows lie Cannot forever keep. The rain clouds will arise And shroud the blissful skies– The heavens too […]

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