Thanksgiving: Music

We think we see it, but the gliding bows and fingers dancing on the strings are only keys to hidden portals, unlocking sounds of a higher realm— a beautiful language that fills the hall, speaking not to eyes, but to the heart. Thank You, Lord, for music.                 […]

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Thanksgiving: A Beautiful Night

Father, thank You for this night— the moon ascending on a starlit chair above illumined edges of the clouds—all white— the frozen earth below, ashimmer in its gaze, the silhouetted trees uplifting empty hands in praise, a lonely leaf wandering on the wisps of wind, and I, admiring, wondering, smiling, there within the artwork of […]

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

We bow our hearts before You, Lord,  in simple thankfulness outpoured for You, our God, have made us rich: You spread your gifts out like the stars—  skies and skies of diamond shards that catch Your light in the dark and shine—  a billion testaments to love that we can only see the edges of.  […]

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