…– Silence is a word, a world separated from the source that gives its pulsing veins the life to joy inside its God. – Silence is a grave. a tomb, a stony slab of quiet. Come to stay forever in the night: the pulsing vain-ness of a life lived outside its Lord. – – – […]

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He Restores My Soul

Like a fortress, rock strong, after long days of war, like the glow of the fire warming feet on the floor, like a hot cup of tea after cold and the rain, like the silence of night after day’s noisy strain— He refreshes my soul when at last we’re alone, and I can’t help but […]

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Floating light-pricks of noise dot the skies and …circle… round in patterns, pre-determined spheres. Burning novas. Falling falling f–a–l–l–i–n–g orbs. Showering space with colored noise. Silent explosions heard – – FAR AWAY  – –

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