Blow, gentle wind, blow— across the burdened trees, and bend the branches low.    The fury of the sun scorched what he had won before his reign was done. And all the leaves are charred and doomed, but clinging hard to the life that left them scarred.   Fall, weary leaves, fall, so the wind […]

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On aged and crispy pages of September, She loves to write her name with sweet finesse, In long and swirling script around the trees; Unseen, but not unfelt, just as the breeze That forms the flutt’ring train of Autumn’s dress– An auburn trail, enchanting to remember.

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Coming to America

Photo Credit: Isaac Talbert, Fresh Exposure Images I come to town inside a ship of steel, with all the belch of smoke and stench and people pushing at my back in fear, with officers in coats and New York frowns. I step inside a sea of brown and black, by stretching towers tall with steel […]

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