Setting Paths

Brick by brick I see the lines of life– layering into the concrete of myself; and wonder (had I known it at the time) If I would lay the path that led me here… again.

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God of Beyond

In wisdom dwelling, high holy mountain: pure, pure, none brighter than He. High in His praise, the God of Forever. Now in His glory, forever will be. – In lovingkindness, kinder than rainfall. Clean, clean, none gracious as He. Kind in forgiveness. The God of the downcast, Here in His presence, His mercy we see. […]

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Puddles, unlikely windows to the sky, Small, impure, vanishing with passing day, Trace a gaze-inviting glimpse Of the grandeur of the heavens. May the Grandeur of Heaven Trace Himself on me, making me, Though small, impure, vanishing with passing day, An unlikely window to the Sky.

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