He felt the call as clearly as the horn that echoed through the trees at Amon Hen; and quickly rose in answer lest the warn be lost and all destroyed without true men. But no one else had caught that solemn call, and when they tried to hear the notes of light that haunt from […]

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The seasons go on in circles, whatever else may cease to be, one sure step after another— the weary, aching world, bearing the purpose for which she was made forward to the High King’s return, the inevitability of time.

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Things Exist

Things exist to be, they said to pulse, and jive, and jest. No deeper mean, just lean, they said for things exist to be. – But all is bright and rich we feel, a vasting meadow span that makes our life-light keen, we feel for things exist…in He

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I walked in the shadows, trying to fit their dreamworld, hoping it would make sense. I forgot who You made me to be.   I cut a zigzag trail, zipping from this scene to that, led by all the options. I forgot who You made me to be.   The colors of the world were […]

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Like an Ocean

Life is one long ocean strand just touched by the horizon. It surges, swells, and dips like dells, and presses ever skyward. – Reaching shores unrecognized, it slaps against a castle then swishing foam, retreating home, it heads for open water— where whirling wind betrays the calm in gusts and squalls and lightning, and ships […]

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