Asking Life

Lord of life, in your mercy grant that we who live in life that you alone provide would grasp with all how we should eat, and run, and play, and live; that in our life the beauty of Your created life might be more fully ours. That in our praying and our weeping and our […]

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Omnis Terra, Jubilate

All the earth rejoices through the throne and flashes glory in its every deed. Every widening smile speaks a creed: eternal longing, hopeful, though unknown. And though the ways of right misbent have grown— persistent sin besmearing love with greed, and marring truth with lies that make men bleed— the longing for the light is […]

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Interrupted Elegy

Bald the hill, and bare and raw the hearts and eyes that watched and wept. Empty now, and tramped and trod the dirt dishonored by our feet. A crying sky, and streams and screams and murmured thunder of remorse. Barren now, the wooden stakes crossed in sorrow, stained with loss. — But he was good, […]

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God Paints

God paints the world with colored strokes, with emerald and vermilion; with asteroid bursts and nebulae; with textured tapestries of plants, with vine-twined veins of chlorophyll; the thump and throb of pumping life. – God paints the world with colored strokes with onyx stones and coal dust; with dusky shade from cypress trees; with layered […]

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The same wind blows the smell of burning ashes back to the dead, back to the stones. – Busy, crawling worker ants and constant spider, spinning out the web, Dreary, shadowed by the tomb— shadow of death. – An aging man sits praying in a coat, More slender than a stem of frozen ice with grief […]

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