Thanksgiving: A Beautiful Night

Father, thank You for this night— the moon ascending on a starlit chair above illumined edges of the clouds—all white— the frozen earth below, ashimmer in its gaze, the silhouetted trees uplifting empty hands in praise, a lonely leaf wandering on the wisps of wind, and I, admiring, wondering, smiling, there within the artwork of […]

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An Autumn Night

The perfect night— a soft rain serenading; the street ashine  with lamp light; the leaves stretched out, lazy, on the grass; and I, quiet on the porch, sipping on delight.                  –

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Light on the Water

Across the water, shines the light: a bobbing, gilded trail; a sunset strand of gold and glow that floating calm across the chop of purpled-black and ember waves still leads us on to where the graves of day’s last sunlight drop once fought its losing battle—slow: a spark of fire gone pale as silhouetted silence […]

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The Way of the Storm

When Yahweh speaks and all the sky goes white, the trees stand, silhouetted in the glow; shadows melt away, replaced by snow; and darkness turns to paper in the night. When Yahweh opens up His storehouse door, the sifted shafts of slanting water spears hit the ground like spiral strands of years that mark the […]

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Evening Dance

Sing Ring-a-dilly and a merry good day! Sing for your sorrows, friend, have all gone away. The grass is all greener, and the heat gleam’s a’ gone Sing fa-la-lonnie for the past is beyond! – Green is the summer air, and orange the fall Plump is the pumpkin in the grass and the sprawl. One […]

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Night After Night

I know you love me but… I feel the shake dreams, waking in the night. I jerk like dropping off a cliff, I cry but have no tears, and endlessly, monotony brings back the things I dread again. Night after night. – I know you love me but… you let the mocking follow me around: […]

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Adam’s Vigil

He sat at night beneath the darkened skies; if earth’s first man, its first in failing too. Regret, in shadows, closed him ‘round, and drew the salt and sorrow from his sinful eyes. E’en now he heard the echoes of her cries– Eve’s shuddered breaths– that wounded him and threw that past, and awful madness […]

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If the earth could spell tonight, I know the word that she would write for I have felt it in the wind— the dampness staying like a friend. In lonely highways—dark and stilled, spread out like pages to be filled— the little frogs come hopping through. I think that they can feel it too— the […]

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Wait for the Morning

He always rises like the sun after night— after the hours, played like years, the coldness, hurting and hardening, the darkness, stealing the light like dementia. Do not let the fiercest night take you for God will rise to blaze above the frosted hills and scatter magic across the diamond grass.

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