The Graveyard

crashed— in waving fields of grass and little mounds of dust a chunk of cosmic stone—Heaven’s gift   made small beside the marble wall the wall well cut, engraved a monument: – ADAM & RACHEL 1912-1912 – to death. and round the restless wind plays dirges unaccompanied deep into the night and beetles creep and […]

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Sonnet I

The earth’s bright glories fade to dark. Beyond— The greater view that daytime never saw: Tonight the drapes of heaven are pulled back To hush the lowly world in speechless awe. ‘Mid bowing grass and silent trees I pause, And cannot help but lift my eyes and gaze Across the endless miles of darkened space […]

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Ballad of the Parakeets

  A burst of thunder shook the house As lightning pierced the night. Then Johnson looked around and saw No human ones in sight. He moved with stealthy, padded steps Across the room, unseen. While wind howled noisily outside, He stopped and scanned the scene— One candle on the window sill, One curtain swinging free, […]

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