Moving On

We reach a corner peeking (shy) around to see beyond. We catch collages: joys and pains, children sick and soccer games ambulances racing through the rain. And long line stands, financial strains, a mix of dull and great, and unplanned sames. We pull back shuddering, prefer to stay in now. But looking back just seems […]

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Goodbye, 2018

The world is waiting in the street— with music, dancing, flashing light. The next in line will rise tonight to take the crown and claim his seat on this hopeful New Year’s Eve.  Did anybody see you leave? Slipping past us in the lane to the darkness and the rain? Did you think we would […]

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Swapping Orbs

The year will end in shards of shining glass— the days of life now known, now longed, now lived; the crystal balls once full and promising now gone; the good and bad spilled out along the ground. And even as the final, shining sphere is dropped our hands are stretching, surging for the new. For […]

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