Morning Loss

Green umbrella by the ocean shifted into sifting sand— little grains of crystalled rock-dust blowing toward the endless blue. – She shifts and lays aside her novel, blue as water far away where the wave line meets the sky wall like eternal, bright and fey. – Up above, the halcyon sky shine scatters light; a […]

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Thanksgiving: Pain

Father, thank You for the pain— a gentle honesty that holds the body in useless stillness to say, Any strength we have is given. Father, thank You for the sorrow— an earnest loyalty that rends the heart with throbbing losses to say, The only home we have is Heaven. –

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Take the Lamp

It seems a cold, dark shaft where love would bid me go— deep beneath the hills. The memories, sand-like, blow— a heart-blinding draft.   I’ve walked the caves before— walked them with a thief until the stars were gone; I know the haunting grief— and I cannot anymore.   But I forget that love, with […]

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The trees look sad today,  lonely on the hill.  The wind played yesterday, but now the air is still.  And the leaves have gone away.    Will you let your faces fall where the leaves have died and fade? Your figures still stand tall though you cannot offer shade.  You shall yet bless us all.  […]

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A Time to Mourn

When heaven takes a soul from us and leaves the body cold and still, the balm of truth may calm the mind, but cannot cure the heart of pain for at the tomb of Lazarus where he would rise, creation bowed to Providence, but Jesus wept.

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When Friendships Die

When friendships die, we bury them. We carry them gently to the valley and lay them in the dirt. We raise a memorial stone and groan as daylight fades and we leave the grave alone. But we come back now and then to track again the happy days on ways that will not cross again, […]

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