Limitless, immense our God, creation’s great sustainer. Eternal light, the life of men, now lying in a manger. For cradled in a trough of stone, the Lord of Heaven cries while Shepherds crowd to see their king with wonder in their eyes. – REFRAIN Our holy Lord has come to earth, the endless war to […]

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  Formed in clouds before the storm: holy thunder signaling a strike of pure, celestial fire. Indefinable. Undeterrable. Precise. Unknowable. Precipitous perfection unhindered as the driving rain. – Formed inside a woman’s womb— wholly circled. Embryonic growth of pure, celestial life. Indescribable. Unrepeatable. Precise Theophany. Perpetual Personal unfolding God to every man. – Enthroned in […]

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