Beware the Shower

Turn your brain down in the shower or you’ll be there for an hour, and your thoughts, though bright and soaring, will not reach the water bill’s flooring nor crest the tidal waves of hate crashing as you pull in late— another battle lost in rhyme to your nemesis—Time.

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Shelob II

The spider who threatened my head as she trespassed across the wrong bed Mis-measured the distance of the flip-flop resistance and now lies in state with the dead. … Based on a true I-wish-it-would’ve-ended-this-way story The true fate of Shelob II is currently unknown. It is unclear whether she met her demise in the great […]

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Battle of the Dragons

A veil of adamantine drawn, a drape across the sky, a timeless void of vacancy, that turns and with a sigh confronts the womb of rising day, a birth that with its cry like infant tears announces years of life those lights supply. – It gashes out—a flame of red, a streak of scarlet wine […]

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