Favorite Song

I like a lot of songs, but not many like me, not out of rudeness— real songs are not rude— they are just busy with notes and lyrics and keeping pace. But this song must have eyes for kindred spirits, must be the voice to unspoken enchantments, because every word and every beat turn me […]

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A smile is a curve like sunrise breaking out to warm the cheeks that lately knew a straight and tight line of nonchalance that now has changed to brighten all the world. – Eyes are wells like little pools that laugh like noise without the voice and bring a wiggly- woggle warm that drive your […]

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Under the Umbrella

You know how long I’ve dreamt of rain— You’ve seen me at the window sill, my forehead pressed against the pane, waiting for the raindrops to appear. I saw the full clouds moving in, and wondered how the rain would feel— like happy sky-drips on my skin? or maybe heaven running through my hair? It […]

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I walked in the shadows, trying to fit their dreamworld, hoping it would make sense. I forgot who You made me to be.   I cut a zigzag trail, zipping from this scene to that, led by all the options. I forgot who You made me to be.   The colors of the world were […]

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Asking Life

Lord of life, in your mercy grant that we who live in life that you alone provide would grasp with all how we should eat, and run, and play, and live; that in our life the beauty of Your created life might be more fully ours. That in our praying and our weeping and our […]

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If the earth could spell tonight, I know the word that she would write for I have felt it in the wind— the dampness staying like a friend. In lonely highways—dark and stilled, spread out like pages to be filled— the little frogs come hopping through. I think that they can feel it too— the […]

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