Words and music played. Through them, yet still suspended, hung the breath of life. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Seasons: Four Haiku

Creaking with the cold: groaning, sugar-sprinkled pond. Highway for a squirrel. – Plunks of sky break glass. Tiny ringlets: small, then large. Spirals in a pond. – Water flees away! Restless waves reverberate. The tire swing sways. – Whirling with the wind, ghostly whisks of red and brown mirrored in the glass – – – […]

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The stag turns and snorts, Stamps his seal on autumn earth, Sensing unseen foes. ____ Indistinct, wraith-like shimmers— greens, and blue above. Nothing moves. —- The hiker freezes, breathlessly searching the deer. Patient as winter. —- Brown like the wild grass. Alert, head cocked. Stately in fright. —- The deer lifts its nose— the spring […]

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