A Severe Delight

It rushes down the mountain: a cataract of sound a spray of mist and shade-light a roaring, silence round. – I pick my steps on slick-stones, a cat afraid of glass, to plunge my head beneath it and feel it—surging past – I feel the flecking wet sparks I step onto the ledge, but find […]

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My Glass House

I walked my walk up to a house of glass and up the crystal stairs that gleamed and shined with sun. I walked up to a house that was my life, and hardly knew what I had done. – The walls were mirrored: reflecting, liquid worlds, that whirled around their world: my presence at their […]

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Perfect Gift

I should have known You long ago— my heart was born with chambers void of blood, the walls just small and hidden to the eyes, but to the soul more endless than the stars. I should have felt Your absence in my tears— the ache of endings could have been a mold to pour my […]

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Why We Pray

We do not pray because our God may fail to halt or change some great disaster grim. Nor yet because by long beseeching Him our words win out and our great faith prevail. We do not seek more prayers to tip the scale of heavenly action to our earthly whim, or nudge a grudging God […]

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Morning Mercies

What have I Lord, but what Your grace has freely blessed to me? This patch of sunshine earth that spins, hurtling through space, the slowly dawning mind fuzz warmth of waking with the light, the crunch of buttered toast, the yolky run of breakfast eggs, the multi-swirl of colored leaves, the tingling sting of fall. […]

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We’re layered, Lord, before Your face like bolts of cloth in folds of darker and of lighter shades. The sun bright side that people see and shake their head in wonderment at the shining, sun-flecked layers, made of light without a trace of shade. – We’re layered, Lord, before Your face, in bolts of unseen […]

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All of You

Unto the word of God, my heart at last was moved. Before Your holy face, at length I knew my sin. I cried out to the Lord, released the crimes I loved. Your holy grace, like rain, has washed me pure within. – CHORUS Your work alone! And nothing that I do, before Your throne, […]

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Reformation Hymn

All the doctrines of redemption, stand confirmed and stand alone. Truths eternal and unaltered, freely offered, freely known. Words that mark the road to heaven, grant us peace and end our strife, turn us toward our Lord of glory, point the path for truth and life. – Scripture only, not tradition, true foundation flawless guide. […]

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He Sits Enthroned

He does not sit enthroned on hardened steel, or curve His face in frowns of stern despite. His hand is never glibly raised to smite nor quick His wrath to make His subjects reel. He never sovereigns what He cannot seal or captains darkness that He cannot light. His mercies never falter in the night, […]

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