Night After Night

I know you love me but… I feel the shake dreams, waking in the night. I jerk like dropping off a cliff, I cry but have no tears, and endlessly, monotony brings back the things I dread again. Night after night. – I know you love me but… you let the mocking follow me around: […]

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My Glass House

I walked my walk up to a house of glass and up the crystal stairs that gleamed and shined with sun. I walked up to a house that was my life, and hardly knew what I had done. – The walls were mirrored: reflecting, liquid worlds, that whirled around their world: my presence at their […]

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Coming to America

Photo Credit: Isaac Talbert, Fresh Exposure Images I come to town inside a ship of steel, with all the belch of smoke and stench and people pushing at my back in fear, with officers in coats and New York frowns. I step inside a sea of brown and black, by stretching towers tall with steel […]

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