The Sphere

A sphere of black the earth around and daily year by night more dark with grime and smudge becomes as spreads the ancient blight of sin’s deluding reverie and people bound. – It breaks like new, the hope-full old that here and born tonight: that flash of glow, the light to come an ancient spark […]

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O earth—friend—how nice you look today— your soft, pink blankets spread across the sky, inviting with the gentle touch of dawn. Your brown and rusted leaves you flag-like fly, a kindred spirit calling me to stay.   Do you know how much I want to stay?   My whole heart withers as I step away— […]

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Desert Wind

On August 9, 2011, Warren Jeffs was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor. This resulted in the eventual breakup of America’s largest Polygamist Town: Colorado City/Hildale. Hundreds of women and younger men, abused and neglected for years are only just now beginning to heal from their harrowing past. Now at last, the town has hope […]

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Freedom’s Sacrifice

They went to war to battle for the cause, and gave up life and fortune for their own. They lived at war. They died and slept their sleep enclosed in soil hardened like resolve. – And yet they never rushed into the fray where soldiers died while bullets reigned around. They never stormed a cliff […]

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Coming to America

Photo Credit: Isaac Talbert, Fresh Exposure Images I come to town inside a ship of steel, with all the belch of smoke and stench and people pushing at my back in fear, with officers in coats and New York frowns. I step inside a sea of brown and black, by stretching towers tall with steel […]

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