My Glass House

I walked my walk up to a house of glass and up the crystal stairs that gleamed and shined with sun. I walked up to a house that was my life, and hardly knew what I had done. – The walls were mirrored: reflecting, liquid worlds, that whirled around their world: my presence at their […]

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When doubt feigns discernment, he dons his holy robes and steps into your path, politely urging you to reconsider things. And if you don’t catch him, he’ll debate forever the validity of the road you think to take while you forget to walk at all.

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Like an Ocean

Life is one long ocean strand just touched by the horizon. It surges, swells, and dips like dells, and presses ever skyward. – Reaching shores unrecognized, it slaps against a castle then swishing foam, retreating home, it heads for open water— where whirling wind betrays the calm in gusts and squalls and lightning, and ships […]

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The Gift of Life

God gives life in moments, Tiny, glass globes Placed into our hands. Don’t let them fall And shatter on the ground. Don’t throw the ugly ones away. Don’t grip the nice ones Till they break. Catch them. Kiss them. And let them go.

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