The breeze blew by so gently It seemed the promise of my dreams had come to call. A breath like rain-dropped grass, it said the ground had greened at last and put her apron on.  

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

We bow our hearts before You, Lord,  in simple thankfulness outpoured for You, our God, have made us rich: You spread your gifts out like the stars—  skies and skies of diamond shards that catch Your light in the dark and shine—  a billion testaments to love that we can only see the edges of.  […]

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Freedom’s Sacrifice

They went to war to battle for the cause, and gave up life and fortune for their own. They lived at war. They died and slept their sleep enclosed in soil hardened like resolve. – And yet they never rushed into the fray where soldiers died while bullets reigned around. They never stormed a cliff […]

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