Thanksgiving: Music

We think we see it, but the gliding bows and fingers dancing on the strings are only keys to hidden portals, unlocking sounds of a higher realm— a beautiful language that fills the hall, speaking not to eyes, but to the heart. Thank You, Lord, for music.                 […]

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The Open Shore

To bless, He waits, expectant, from His throne while down below the toilsome ant-roads long lead peopled millions to their bleak alone, and darkened nights withhold the joyful song. He reaches out, His very self to give while creatures grub for grabbing in their need and use the crumpled husks of life they live like […]

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The trees look sad today,  lonely on the hill.  The wind played yesterday, but now the air is still.  And the leaves have gone away.    Will you let your faces fall where the leaves have died and fade? Your figures still stand tall though you cannot offer shade.  You shall yet bless us all.  […]

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