They misread the signs— the silence of forty days’ time— the loss of the man, destitution. _ Blindfolds and unmoving feet stoke madness. _ They put their gold to the awkward gape and made a calf— This is your god, O Israel. _ And where was Yahweh all the time? Not far— the Creator of […]

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Sunset Flower

Shining disk of spangled sun: halo glow around a flower framed by light’s last rays– while shadows fill the ground. – Petals spark translucent bright royal purple shades: the mottled light tone’s majesty as daylight slowly fades – Creeping shadows crawl the sky: diminished sparks behind. The flower holds its beauty still though all the […]

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A Truncated Meeting

Tripping, giddy, dash across the page to chase the periods. Swishing leaves like wind and bang up max efficiency that sweeps past fields of knowledge– kings and songs and prophesies– and screeches Jehu-like to a final. breathless. halt. I close the word… and rush to live my day. – – – – – —

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