O earth—friend—how nice you look today— your soft, pink blankets spread across the sky, inviting with the gentle touch of dawn. Your brown and rusted leaves you flag-like fly, a kindred spirit calling me to stay.   Do you know how much I want to stay?   My whole heart withers as I step away— […]

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Wonder of the Rain

Just look at the enchanting rain! Falling like a silver veil. I wonder at the people who complain at so beautiful a thing.   They push back curtains and only see de-styled hair and wrecks of plans—as if the earth were meant to be the steward of our whims.   Of course, the conscientious ranks […]

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I walked in the shadows, trying to fit their dreamworld, hoping it would make sense. I forgot who You made me to be.   I cut a zigzag trail, zipping from this scene to that, led by all the options. I forgot who You made me to be.   The colors of the world were […]

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Genuine Beauty

It seems that beauty comes in jars we buy with time and money dealt again, again. We need those paints for canvases of skin as each new age-defying trick we try, enslaved to perfect images that lie. We redesign our destinies to win An immortality of form and then our strength still wanes and fails, […]

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Words and music played. Through them, yet still suspended, hung the breath of life. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Omnis Terra, Jubilate

All the earth rejoices through the throne and flashes glory in its every deed. Every widening smile speaks a creed: eternal longing, hopeful, though unknown. And though the ways of right misbent have grown— persistent sin besmearing love with greed, and marring truth with lies that make men bleed— the longing for the light is […]

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Thoughts on Writing Poetry

Writing is about communication. Yes, poetry is art (or should be). Yes, poetry emotionally expresses the things that prose cannot (theoretically). Yes, poetry is allowed and encouraged to be ambiguous. But first and foremost, poetry should adhere to the central rule of all good writing. It must communicate. If your poetry is esoteric and gorgeous […]

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Evening Drive: Wyoming Edition

I like to take the long way home, The lazy road that wanders there Among the sagebrush outside town. I like to roll my windows down, The cool air swooshing through my hair, Bewitching me again to roam. The sky shines blue after the rain And stretches, touching earth on all Horizons. Puffs of white […]

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Sonnet IV

Recall the echoes through the crypts of time, The constant beat of strength and kindness there, The words of beauty to a world of grime, The music too majestic to compare: His treasured thoughts, unchanged in every age, The breaths of God concealed within a Book. He chose to write His heart on every page— […]

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